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2024 first half of the year slipped away quietly like this

Time flies, and half of 2024 has already passed without me realizing it.

2024 is a brand new year for me, with a new work environment and a new rhythm of life, all because I joined a new company last October.

New Job#

Counting from the time I joined the current company, it will be almost a year in 3 months. It was also the first step for me to officially enter the encryption industry as an enthusiast. I am also very grateful to @diygod and @xlog for introducing me to the problems that developers need to solve in the crypto field and gradually starting to learn about this industry.

After entering this industry, I went from being excited about receiving U as part of my salary at the beginning, to experiencing FOMO for missed opportunities, and then to regaining my enthusiasm for learning new technologies through these economic activities.

Although the salary for this job may not be very attractive at the moment, it may be the first step to get out of the competitive environment in China. Maybe.

Actually, in this industry, mentality is the most important thing. There are always people jumping back and forth between heaven and hell. It's good to stay true to yourself and focus on technology.

New Life#

Since I used to live with colleagues, after changing jobs, I rented a single room and started living alone.

And because I am in Hangzhou, I have the option to work from home for two fixed days out of the five working days (if I apply to work remotely from Wenzhou, it should be possible). So most of the time, I stay in my room. I used to be very messy, but now I occasionally feel annoyed by the messy environment and start organizing and cleaning the room.

At the same time, I started the journey of cooking for myself. Cooking is really similar to coding, it's a creative work! Except for the cleaning afterwards!

I also started to do some simple exercises because of my weight. Sometimes I go downstairs for a walk in the evening, and occasionally I participate in hiking activities organized by my colleagues. Very occasionally, I even play badminton with my colleagues. I will record this part in the future if I have the opportunity 😁

Things I'm Following and Learning#

I am still continuously learning about blockchain-related knowledge. Actually, my understanding is still relatively shallow, and many new requirements need to be understood before I can start working on them 😩 I only have a general idea about many things.

Because CSB has opened up my horizons and also brought me the opportunity for my first airdrop, I am paying attention to the price of RSS3 recently, the trend is not good, the team needs to do something 😭

I had an idea before to rebuild my blog based on CSB, but I temporarily put it aside because I went to look at the TON ecosystem due to yak shaving. I will refine this idea in a while.

There is also the TON ecosystem. I also tried developing TON smart contracts using Tact and created a simple prettier plugin (which helped me understand the development of prettier plugins XD).

Plans for the Second Half of the Year#

Continuously Follow the TON Ecosystem#

It started with an internal sharing session about TON, and I became curious and started some simple experiments with the TON ecosystem. With the support of Telegram and the rise of NOT and TVL, the future looks promising! XD.

Actually, I didn't have a deep understanding of the EVM ecosystem (I didn't understand it at all), so why not take a look at something completely new and see if there are any opportunities to seize? 😎

The TON ecosystem is still very new for both developers and users. Moreover, many of the libraries provided by the official are still very primitive, which leaves a lot of room for developers who want to participate in ecosystem construction.

Is developing a mini-program for global users on Telegram worse than developing a mini-program for domestic users on WeChat?

Take Care of My Health#

I just had my annual physical examination on June 30th. Although the report hasn't come out yet, overall there shouldn't be much change. Some indicators are still not good due to weight issues, so I still need to lose weight! I must control my diet and exercise regularly in the second half of the year!

I made a bet with my family at the beginning of the year to reach my goal weight before the Chinese New Year. I will work hard to achieve that goal.

Play Elden Ring#

I shouldn't be the only one who didn't pre-order Elden Ring, right? Right?

Just waiting for August 20th. Still have to wait for more than a month, it's torturous. But in a few days, I can also experience the ZZZ game from Xiaomi. I usually play Xiaomi's games for a while and then abandon them, just for a simple experience.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of Souls-like or action games, but I do want to try the quality of the first Chinese 3A game. Looking forward to it.


Although xLog will provide a summary using AI, let me say a few words. This year is a brand new year, and the overall pace has slowed down. I have more free time now, and I don't have to rush to do many things like before. My family won't bring much financial pressure for the time being, and my savings are slowly growing.

But I actually feel quite idle and lost. Sometimes I just drift through life without a clear direction. In my spare time, I play games and occasionally contribute to the open-source community. I hope to find some activities to enrich my leisure time in the second half of the year.

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